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Custom Printed Labels        Custom Printed Labels        Custom Printed Labels        Custom Printed Labels

At DJ Label our goal is to provide the highest quality custom printed labels,

 at the most competitive prices.


Whether your order is for 50 or 50 million,

whether itís an 8-color product label or a simple mailing label,

we treat each order like itís our only order.

From your initial quote to final delivery, our loyal and experienced personnel work hard to provide thorough and efficient solutions to your specific needs. Our specialties include bottle labels, 4 color process, UL and CSA recognized labels, blank labels, bumper stickers, pharmaceutical, food labels, decals, wine labels, and more.


We hope this website serves to introduce the remarkable capacity we have to meet your vision for any type of label.

Every phase of label production at DJ Label is performed in-house, giving us complete control over quality and cost.

Once an order is received, it first goes through our Art Department. They ensure that the label design matches your specifications, and then prepare the artwork for the Platemaking Department. Special flexographic plates are then made for our high-speed rotary printing presses.

Our presses can print 1 to 8 colors on a variety of materials up to 16Ē in width.

No job is finished until it passes the full inspection procedures of our quality control and customization department, where your labels are carefully examined for perfection in all aspects before being packaged.


Shapes and Sizes
Our inventory of custom die-cutters has thousands of shapes and sizes.

If we donít have the die you need, weíll have it custom made for you.


Types of Labels
These are some of the types of labels we manufacture for our clients:


Bar Code, Pharmaceutical, UL and CSA Recognized, Consecutive Numbered, Blank , 4 Color Process, Thermal Transfer, Piggyback (Coupon), Tamper Evident, Holographic, Bumper Stickers, Decals, Prime (Product), Computer Tags, Removable, Laser, Static Cling, Warning , Identification, Materials (Adhesive & Non-Adhesive), Paper, Film, Foil, Mylar, Polyester, Thermal, Vinyl, Tyvek, Gloss, Lexan, Laser, Computer Imprintable


Customer Orders

DJ Label ensures its customers that their order will be produced and packaged according to their specifications. Every order, after being printed, is first examined by the Quality Control foreman before being

delivered to an inspector for further scrutiny. The label is checked for proper size, ink color, label stock,

print quality, cleanliness, wind direction, and any other criteria specified by the customer.


If the label is to go on rolls, special rewind machinery is used, which allows a trained technician to count the labels and visually check them while they are wound onto uniform, level rolls. Any imperfections in printing or label stock are removed. The roll is fixed accordingly and made uniform.


If the label is to be in stacks of cut singles, an inspector counts the labels with a highly sensitive scale, minimizing handling and ensuring uniformity. Defective labels are sought for and discarded.

Once the uniform stacks or rolls have been approved, they are packaged neatly and securely. Packages not being shipped immediately are stored in a clean, dry environment.


At DJ Label, we keep customers satisfied by making quality our top priority.